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360º approach…

We create state-of-the-art hybrid events for multinationals & hyper growth global start-ups. All immersive. All creative, and all data driven.

Our promise – a completely integrated approach to event management services. You will have direct access to full stack expertise, diamond-shaped in an ever-changing environment.

Your relevance & impact are our beacon. We dive into concept creation. Co-create interactive formats blended with custom-made mechanics. Integrate engagement tools. Match best-in-class studio with production assets.

…for all your events


Shape your most important conversations with your clients. Use powerful and exciting events. In this experience, you can mix speeches and presentations, video content, or interactive Q&A sessions.


Need to strengthen your relationship with your business partners? On our platform, a mere business discussion turns into an inspiring and meaningful conversation in larger or smaller groups.


Should you organize for your employees a sales conference, kick off or an awards gala? Your staff will come together as one, even if they’re spread across the globe. Either way, they will be in the limelight.


Get ready to engage your consumers via a product launch, a festival, a concert or fair. You will provide them with the best digital experience. Don’t underestimate the power of the hybrid approach!

…in 3 streams

Design of the Event

  • Tailor-made concept based on your corporate objectives
  • Concept that covers narrative, headlines & key messages
  • Experiential happenings, built in line with your comms
  • TV-like formats
  • Professional MCs or internal ones with relevant roles
  • Top-down & bottom-up communication instances
  • Presentations panels powered by creative work
  • Digital public speaking tips & tricks

Digital event platform

  • High-end technology and outstanding user experience
  • Bullet proof event platform - AWS hosted & ISO27001
  • Engagement tools - thematic booths, surveys, quizzes
  • Creative branding deployed on the platform
  • Simultaneous translation available in multiple languages
  • Live streaming embedded on the platform
  • Relevant reporting & stats available

Studio ON AIR

  • Set-up deployed in line with creative concept
  • Scenography & staging are custom made built
  • Technical solutions that connect live, world-wide locations
  • Integrating comms apps - Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc.
  • Large-scale multi-disciplinary production team
  • State-of-the-art technology sourced
  • Physical & virtual 3D sets created

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Our squad

360º services from 360º team

Our team has been active in the event experience industry for more than 10 years now. Having implemented more than 1000 projects locally & globally, we have touched the hearts of our audience from Bucharest, London, to New York, or Los Angeles.

The experiences we create meet a wide spectrum of your business needs, such as large scale digital, hybrid & offline events, experiential marketing, comms & employer branding.

Our squad in action

We are a team of highly trained professionals, with a mix of seniorities and backgrounds in the fields of live, virtual & offline production, scenography, creative & staging, UX, visual effects & 3D mapping, video content & animations, strategic communication & technology.

Our customers kindly state they value our flexibility, openness to feedback, creativity, boldness, and our thorough yet agile way of working. But, most of all, our accountability and eagerness to get things done.

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